Fittbo has a truly unique design. Sleek and minimal, it will impress anyone around during the lunch break.

Awesome features

We want clients and designers alike to think about their design and how it will work with the web copy.

Slim Profile

Designed to fit in your everyday bag!


Each compartment is detachable so you can wash it or heat it up individually.

Sleek & Minimal

The exterior has a perfect shape all around - no parting lines are visible. The wood complements the box for a classy feel.

Cutlery compartment.

Fittbo has an integrated compartment for cutlery and napkins.

Perfectly balanced meal.

Fittbo has two large compartments for the main meal and two small ones for the in-between desserts.


Each compartment is thermo-insulated so you could have a container with cold food next to one with warm food.

Photos gallery

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